Strength Training

5 Common Workout Mistakes That Make Philly Fitness Trainers Cringe

Nothing kills an exercise high quite like injury — especially when it’s an injury you could have prevented. Here, at Be Well, we want you all to be as healthy as can be. So, to learn about common workout mistakes that can cause injury (and how to avoid that mess), we went to the professionals, asking Philly fitness trainers and running coaches what the top injury-inducing mistakes they see their clients making are. Because no one wants to be benched after just getting into the groove. Follow this wisdom and you’ll be movin’ and groovin’ through your workouts — safely.

Quick Form Tip - Clock Squat

You need more than just strength to run well. You need CONTROL. Specifically, you need to be able to control your body in 3 planes of motion while on one foot. Here's my demonstration of the clock squat. And it's different than 99% of the “clock squat” videos out there for two big reasons...

Quick Form Tip - Deadlift

Today I'd like to highlight one of the most effective exercises one can do to improve their performance, the deadlift. This “basic” lift NEVER goes out of style and it strengthens the entire backside of the body, which is essential if you want to run stronger and faster.

Runner's Cat 5 Marks (a.k.a. Dirt on Inner Calf)

Recently, I wrapped up a group run with Fairmount Park Conservancy (join us!!) and noticed a friend had dirty scuff marks all over the inner aspect of her calf. The scuff marks are a result of your swing leg foot swiping the stance leg calf as it...

3 Best Strength Exercises For Runners

These questions are always fun because while I realize a proper strength program would typically be more comprehensive, if we follow the 80/20 rule, about 80% of the results come from 20% of the work. I'd place these moves in the 20%. So, if I HAD to pick 3 strength training exercises for runners, I'd pick...

Strength Basics pt 1: The Hip Hinge

One of my go-to bulletproofing exercises is the deadlift. With so many benefits from posture to hip mobility to force production (makes ya faster) to total body strength, it's a no-brainer if you're gonna spend any time in the weight room. But, before lifting anything, she had to demonstrate the “hip hinge” movement pattern.

The Workout You're Not Doing: The Form Run

Most of us skip right to the jam out session without much technique work to support it. We lace 'em up and “just run”. And that is totally cool if that's all running is to you, a little jam-out session. But even for the person who doesn't want to run farther, faster, or with less injury risk, I think you'll enjoy your basic jam-out that much more if your running skill is better. Here's a great little routine you can practice

The One Trick Pony

Here's the problem with running as your only fitness activity. To a large extent, it neglects 2 of the 3 fitness bases. Not only that, I'd say over time it ERODES those bases. That's right, if you're like the average person (seated most of the day) and only run, then your basic movement patterns AND whatever strength you have will get worse over time.

Middle Back Mobility: Why You Need It and How To Get It

Restriction in the upper/middle back, or thoracic spine (T-Spine), is one of the most common areas of the body to tighten up. And it's insidious, too. That is, the tightness evolves slowly month by month and yet you may not even realize you're tight there. Instead, you'll feel your shoulders get cranky, your neck get stiff, your elbows become prone to tendonitis, and even your wrists can pay a price. Carpal tunnel anyone? And we didn't even talk about the lower body yet!

Kettlebell Swing Tips and Video Analysis

I wanted to go a bit in-depth here and breakdown my swing so you can see what respectable form looks like. Since I spend LOTS of hours in a gym I see all sorts of attempts to swing a kettlebell and it just isn't very pretty much of the time. Additionally, instruction can sometimes be spotty at best. Again, fantastic exercise, maybe even the best single exercise you can do, but please own your technique

The Pervasive Myth of Variety

As an experienced coach I can say with certainty that to get the BEST results, variety is the last and smallest piece of the puzzle - DESPITE what marketers would lead you to believe! Variety is truly the icing on top, yet the cake is made with 'precision' and 'progression'.

Don't Run On Crack!

I think we can all agree that generally the goal in racing is to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. To that end, the less sideways movement, the better. With crossover gait, you've got a bit of lateral motion in not only the feet, but also the entire center of mass. This is NOT GOOD!

The Marching Bridge Exercise

I've recently written about how weak glutes can undermine and eventually derail your training. After working with hundreds of clients over the past 12 years I can say one thing with certainty. Weak butt muscles are an epidemic and, more than likely, you've got some work to do, too. Again, if you've got weak glutes it's not a matter of IF you will get a running injury, but WHEN. The Marching Bridge a simple and effective exercise to build up that critical muscle group.