3 Recent Articles Worth Reading

I've got a couple of great reads for you today on a variety of subjects, but they're all geared toward one thing: helping you perform better on the roads or in life! First up from PN: Good Stress, Bad Stress: Finding Your Sweet Spot

"All stress — life, work, family, financial, training, good, bad — fits into one bucket, creating your unique allostatic (stress) load.  And just as important as your stress load is how you respond to it."

Tons of practical how-do-I-apply-this-to-me tips here. I learned watching TV does not reduce stress. Damn. But sex does...

Next: The “Rearfoot Varus” Foot Type – Can you see the problem in this runner's gait?

Love The Gait Guys. This is a great video showing one of the 5 most common foot types. This person rolls their ankle outward when connecting with the ground.  These types are definitely prone to ankle sprains!

Knowing your foot type can lead you to make MUCH more informed shoe buying decisions. Check out their video.

Finally: What Is the Value of Lifting “Heavy” If Someone’s Goal Is to Get Lean?

In a recent blog post, Tony Gentilcore makes a great point that is OFTEN missed in my experience. When attempting to get lean many people correctly assume their nutrition habits need to be reformed/prioritized. Excellent start!

But the myth is STILL out there that just running or cranking out the cardio will burn enough calories to get the job done. False. You will get leaner, but you WILL reach a plateau quickly and you WILL lose muscle. Bummer. Lift heavy, and even if you aren't eating enough to support new muscle growth, you will preserve the muscle you have.