5 Common Workout Mistakes That Make Philly Fitness Trainers Cringe


Recently, a few local fitness pros and I were interviewed by Bailey King from Be Well Philly about common workout mistakes. Personally, I chose to give slightly more 'bird's eye view' responses rather than go off for 47 minutes on why, why, OH GOD WHY you shouldn't be deadlifting with a completely rounded back. Don't worry, poor exercise form does get mentioned. Often. Because it's important.  Here's Bailey!

Nothing kills an exercise high quite like injury — especially when it’s an injury you could have prevented. Here, at Be Well, we want you all to be as healthy as can be. So, to learn about common workout mistakes that can cause injury (and how to avoid that mess), we went to the professionals, asking Philly fitness trainers and running coaches what the top injury-inducing mistakes they see their clients making are. Because no one wants to be benched after just getting into the groove. Follow this wisdom and you’ll be movin’ and groovin’ through your workouts — safely.