Random Bits Of Awesome

Maybe it's the heat and humidity (maybe??) but I've been running snail-pace lately. I really want to get my hands on one of these cooling vests to wear before some of the mid-afternoon runs I've been 'privileged' to enjoy. Anyway, today I just wanted to share as I've noticed quite a few great articles put out recently by some of my favorite trusted sources. Check 'em out and enjoy!

1. So when is the perfect time to begin eating better, training smarter, or start that home project? One of my favorite coaches and authors, Krista Scott-Dixon, wrote an excellent and motivating piece on how to break free of the mindset that things have to be perfect before you start. Brilliant.



2. “I trust the mainstream media with giving fitness advice towards women about as much as I trust a barber with a mullet.” - Tony Gentilcore

Tony had a guest blogger on recently who did a great job promoting something I FIRMLY believe: in general, women should stop focusing on skinny and start focusing on strong. And no, lifting weights won't turn you into a man. (and yes, some ladies actually STILL think this in 2013)



3. Fantastic news. Not only is running NOT bad for your knees, now research demonstrates that it can reduce arthritis and hip replacement risk. Now, I would submit that it's how you're running and how your body moves that matters. I mean, don't expect some overstriding, sloppy runner to have the same “results” as an efficient, silent-footed gazelle. In fact, the key to this study was that one's bodyweight is a huge factor. For the record, I don't advice [distance] running if you are obese.



4. Why is it that two people can do exactly the same training, but one will compete so much better than the other?

Ashley Merryman says: Some people are naturally looking for the win, and some people are playing not to lose, preventing what seems like an inevitable disaster. They're thinking, 'Is it coming? Oh, no. It is coming. How am I going to make this not as catastrophic as I am worried about?' You can start to be cautious even when you are winning. You start worrying that this is too fragile, that any mistake could be a catastrophe. The closer we get to the end, the more we tend to focus on, 'Don't screw it up.' Recognizing that mindset is really important, especially in the middle of a competition, and not getting distracted by mistakes.



Hope you enjoyed the links - did any of them strike a chord for you?