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Case Study: Fix The Cause, Not The Symptom

I recently worked with someone who is training for the Boston Marathon, but was sidelined due to knee pain. We met for 2 (TWO) sessions and she's back to full-on training!

Case Study: Mysterious Hip Pain

Today I had an amazing professional experience. A client, who back in September suffered a hip injury, is now able to run again after a single session. Here's what happened...

No, It Is Not Normal To 'Leak' While Running

Sadly most just accept this as normal, thinking it's either "just part of aging" or, in the case of women who've given birth, that it comes with the territory. The point I'd like to make today is that if this sounds like you, there are absolutely solutions to this problem and there's no reason to continue suffering.

Runner's Cat 5 Marks (a.k.a. Dirt on Inner Calf)

Recently, I wrapped up a group run with Fairmount Park Conservancy (join us!!) and noticed a friend had dirty scuff marks all over the inner aspect of her calf. The scuff marks are a result of your swing leg foot swiping the stance leg calf as it...

Do the 30/30 Tempo Run Often This Winter - Here's Why.

Today I'd like to share one of my favorite workouts, the 30/30 Tempo Run. It's a versatile, fun fitness building session that you should use nearly year-round. I love that it provides an awesome aerobic boost while addressing leg speed in one session - how time efficient!

Don't Race Like An 8 Year Old (no offense, kids!)

His fate was sealed 4 miles into the run. While he was feeling great. This happens ALL THE TIME to a majority of runners, but the effects are most pronounced in the marathon. Running one soon? Pay attention to the following 5 tips...

The Pervasive Myth of Variety

As an experienced coach I can say with certainty that to get the BEST results, variety is the last and smallest piece of the puzzle - DESPITE what marketers would lead you to believe! Variety is truly the icing on top, yet the cake is made with 'precision' and 'progression'.

Shut Your Mouth: Endurance The Easy Way

Clients often give me that WTF look when I make the following suggestion: “Breathe only through your nose.” Like, ok, what the heck are you talking about? And what does that have to do with the half marathon I want to run or simply beginning a running program? “Well, just... everything.”

Sprinting Rules Pt.4

When we talk bang for the buck, sprints have to rank near the top of the list of things you can do that will noticeably improve your distance running in a short time period. From improving your coordination to developing stride power, just a small amount of sprinting can take your running to the next level in only a few weeks. They can be magical, but they can also be disastrous, however. The range of motion required and your body's ability to tolerate huge amounts of force determine if you should even try sprinting in the first place.

Single Leg Solutions

Want to quickly assess your risk for a future running-related injury? What about efficiency? Every runner wants to run fast with less effort. Would you like to peal back the curtain and observe a possible energy leak?

Your Engine Must Match Your Body

What inevitably happens is that you go out for a run and you feel great. You're attuned to your exertion level and maybe you're even aware of your personal heart rate training zones. You're doing everything by the book. Yet, you continue to break down with an injury every 8-12 weeks! What's up??