Every goal is a big one. Let's treat them that way.

Whether it's running your first 5K, earning that Boston Qualifier, or just staying injury free, I'll help you get there. My clients want to be confident they are running with proper form and training correctly, so that they're less likely to get hurt. And they're looking for someone who can tailor training plans to their hectic lifestyle—but still get results.

So, that's what I do.

For 18 years, I've helped frustrated runners across Philadelphia with a positive, motivating coaching style and an unwavering belief that everyone can improve and continue doing what they love their entire lives.

Running Plans

 Coaching isn't just about prescribing workouts. It's being part detective and part cheerleader, so I can understand what we need to work on together and how we can make running fun again.

NeuroKinetic Therapy

Stretching and foam rolling can get rid of pain or stiffness, but it's not always that simple. NKT® assessments help us break down faulty movement patterns and address the root cause. 

Strength Training

Gaining strength isn't just a running thing; it's an every day thing: Like being able to carry four bags of groceries home from the store. And that's why my strength plans are customized to you and your goals.

Getting A Training Plan That's Right For You


My clients want to be confident that they are running with proper form and that they are training correctly, so there's less risk they'll get hurt. Many of them have tried following plans in magazines and books, and start working with me when they're looking for someone who can tailor a plan to their hectic lifestyle while still getting the results they want — whether that's running their first 5K or marathon, qualifying for Boston, or setting a new personal best.

To do that, I talk with my clients before starting any program, so I can better understand their goals and how we can achieve them. We either meet in person or online, but good, old-fashioned face-to-face meetings (who has them anymore!?) are great for fixing running form and underlying movement compensation patterns, and have a motivational chat about how to move closer to the goals we've set.


Addressing What Causes Pain, Not Just Where It Hurts 


Stretching, massage, foam rolling, and strength training help people get rid of pain or stiffness, but it's not always that simple. In fact, those approaches are often incomplete.

My role as a movement professional is recognize that people are often stuck in subconscious patterns that they've created to survive and move forward when something is off. To bring awareness to these patterns and help my clients create a more efficient movement pattern, I rely heavily on NeuroKinetic Therapy® (NKT) and Anatomy In Motion® (AiM) in my assessment process.

Put simply, my NKT® and AiM® training helps me break down faulty movement patterns and address the cause of the dysfunction, stiffness, or pain. Which means we can work together to fix the cause of the problem, not just the site of the pain.


Building Strength for Everything You Do 


Being strong is something that helps you in everything you do, whether that's carrying four bags of groceries home from the store, playing with grandkids, or joining everyone on the ski slopes in the winter. (Not to mention getting rid of all the common aches and pains that come along with being weak and out of shape.) Many people, though, lack the knowledge to strength train properly.

Whether you want to learn how to do it yourself or know you'll stick with something if you have an appointment on the calendar, my job is to help you achieve your goals. By training consistently with me in the studio or following a custom-designed, online program, you'll get the expertise, accountability, and motivation they need.