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4 Articles You Should Read [2/27/14]

Today I've got a variety of articles I'd like to share and think you'll enjoy. Key Workout(s) For The LOVE Run

I wrote this piece last fall, but you might want to revisit it if you're running a half marathon (or even Broad Street). You'll have much more confidence in your pacing and gain race specific fitness after doing these sessions!

CRAZY Drama at USA Indoor Track Championships

Wow, when a elite coach as prominent as Alberto Salazar has to be physically restrained from another pro coach you know something's up. As a passionate fan of the sport, this weekend was truly unsettling and highlighted just how corrupt/unfair things can get when you've got one company (Nike) funding nearly half of the operating budget of the sport's governing body (USATF).

How To Calculate and Predict When You'll Hit the Wall During a Marathon

Well, that might be handy! Most of us are used to just guessing or going by trial and (lots of agonizing) error when it comes to fueling for a marathon. Further, I think it's more common to over-fuel, especially if you've trained well.

Print Out This Fruit and Veggie Cheat Sheet

Want a simple way to figure out if you're actually eating enough of the good stuff? It's as simple as red, yellow, green, purple, and white (<---white). Most of us either know we don't eat enough fruits/veggies or we think we eat more than we actually are. This awesome chart makes it easy to track. Plus, you'll learn about the health benefits of each color.

Treadmill Workouts That Make Time FLY

Is there such a thing? Well, maybe. If you're an outdoor runner like me, it can be a huge mental struggle to slog through a basic easy run. But breaking the run into little chunks is the way to go. And that's what I've got for you today - 3 workouts, easy, medium, and hard - that fly by so you don't lose your mind.

Nose Breathing For ALL Runs?

I was recently asked for some clarification regarding my nose breathing post. In it, I detail all of the benefits of breathing solely through the nose. (There are a lot) The question I received was essentially: should one breathe that way all the time if one is running “easy pace”? In other words, if you're running easily, are you better off breathing solely through the nose?

The One Trick Pony

Here's the problem with running as your only fitness activity. To a large extent, it neglects 2 of the 3 fitness bases. Not only that, I'd say over time it ERODES those bases. That's right, if you're like the average person (seated most of the day) and only run, then your basic movement patterns AND whatever strength you have will get worse over time.

Planning For Your Fitness Peak

Setting personal best times, beating the competition, and accomplishing goals that once seemed unattainable are just some of the outcomes that are possible when you are in peak condition. Once you've acquired a taste for the feelings associated with being in that sort of shape it can be hard to have it any other way. Here are some questions to consider when thinking about your goals for 2014.

3 Tips To Fuel Your Best Marathon

If there's one thing people love, it's being told what to do. They want the guesswork removed, they want to skip the trial and error, and to just know what they should do. As a coach, it's very easy to fall into the trap of thinking I know best and therefore I know what's best for YOU, too.

In my experience, however, a better approach is to encourage you to continue to experiment. I'll gladly share some strategies that have worked with others, but remind you that you are an “experiment of one”. Let's figure out what works for you.

Don't Race Like An 8 Year Old (no offense, kids!)

His fate was sealed 4 miles into the run. While he was feeling great. This happens ALL THE TIME to a majority of runners, but the effects are most pronounced in the marathon. Running one soon? Pay attention to the following 5 tips...

The Pervasive Myth of Variety

As an experienced coach I can say with certainty that to get the BEST results, variety is the last and smallest piece of the puzzle - DESPITE what marketers would lead you to believe! Variety is truly the icing on top, yet the cake is made with 'precision' and 'progression'.

Shut Your Mouth: Endurance The Easy Way

Clients often give me that WTF look when I make the following suggestion: “Breathe only through your nose.” Like, ok, what the heck are you talking about? And what does that have to do with the half marathon I want to run or simply beginning a running program? “Well, just... everything.”

Sprinting Rules Pt.4

When we talk bang for the buck, sprints have to rank near the top of the list of things you can do that will noticeably improve your distance running in a short time period. From improving your coordination to developing stride power, just a small amount of sprinting can take your running to the next level in only a few weeks. They can be magical, but they can also be disastrous, however. The range of motion required and your body's ability to tolerate huge amounts of force determine if you should even try sprinting in the first place.

STOP Guessing About Your Training Paces

Here’s the bottom line. Training smart trumps training stupid. Obviously. Yet, the biggest mistake made over and over again is training at the wrong pace given one’s current fitness.

A perfect example is someone who races a 5K at 8 minutes/mile and trains at a nearly similar pace all week. No wonder they a) probably hate running and b) aren’t making any progress.

Proper training means training at a wide variety of paces, but mostly easy.

If you’re running a few seconds per mile slower than your 5K pace, that’s NOT easy. 1:30-2:00min/mile slower than 5K pace is more like it.

There are a few ways to determine your correct training paces, but one of the best (and simplest) is an all-out effort over a measured course or track.

For the motivation alone it’s hard to beat the atmosphere of a race, but let’s face it, sometimes races are just inconvenient and expensive.

Enter the time trial – a low key, inexpensive way to assess your current fitness accurately.

Remember, to get to Point B, you must establish Point A.

Attempting to just wing it and train ‘intuitively’ doesn’t work – unless you’ve got years and years of experience. Why waste your time and effort?

Join Us!

Oh hey – this Thursday night (3/14) at Run Club we will run a 1 mile time trial. Either meet at lululemon at 6pm sharp or at Penn Park at 6:15pm.

You get all the benefits of a time trial – establishing your point A and learning how to pace yourself – plus a positive group atmosphere which will help your motivation to push yourself. And let me re-iterate that you MUST push yourself hard for this to work.

Best part is that everyone who shows up will have they’re unique training paces emailed to them after the run. NO MORE GUESSING!

See you there?