4 Articles You Should Read [2/27/14]

Today I've got a variety of articles I'd like to share and think you'll enjoy. Key Workout(s) For The LOVE Run

I wrote this piece last fall, but you might want to revisit it if you're running a half marathon (or even Broad Street). You'll have much more confidence in your pacing and gain race specific fitness after doing these sessions!

CRAZY Drama at USA Indoor Track Championships

Wow, when a elite coach as prominent as Alberto Salazar has to be physically restrained from another pro coach you know something's up. As a passionate fan of the sport, this weekend was truly unsettling and highlighted just how corrupt/unfair things can get when you've got one company (Nike) funding nearly half of the operating budget of the sport's governing body (USATF).

How To Calculate and Predict When You'll Hit the Wall During a Marathon

Well, that might be handy! Most of us are used to just guessing or going by trial and (lots of agonizing) error when it comes to fueling for a marathon. Further, I think it's more common to over-fuel, especially if you've trained well.

Print Out This Fruit and Veggie Cheat Sheet

Want a simple way to figure out if you're actually eating enough of the good stuff? It's as simple as red, yellow, green, purple, and white (<---white). Most of us either know we don't eat enough fruits/veggies or we think we eat more than we actually are. This awesome chart makes it easy to track. Plus, you'll learn about the health benefits of each color.