Workout Appreciation Day

Uncharacteristically, I started my run today by thinking of excuses. Ugh, it's hot out.

I didn't get much sleep. Maybe I should rest.

Ok, nothing hurts, but I did speed intervals yesterday, so maybe I should cut back on the mileage a bit.

Every time I tried to combat this negative self-talk with something positive, I'd come up with another excuse!

Frankly, all of these excuses were quickly draining what little motivation I had to begin with.

But just as quickly, the tone of the run changed.

As I weaved my way west on Walnut Street (does Philly have the most narrow sidewalks??) I patiently waited for two side-by-side walkers to move out of my way. It's not like they knew I was running behind them, but still it added to my 'frustrations'. If you're a city runner, you know what I'm talking about!

As they cleared the way for me, I passed a young lady in a wheelchair. While I certainly can't know for certain her circumstances, her frail frame indicated that the chair is likely her long term mobility solution. We quickly made eye contact and my pace quickly carried me past her, yet within a flash my run took on an entirely different feel.

I bet she'd give anything to simply run a block, to feel that springy stride and that moment of weightlessness between foot-strikes.

Every once in a while we tend to forget how fortunate we are. For a few minutes I admit to being guilty of this, but a wave of appreciation has since washed over me.

Running or any other physical activity is a privilege and nurturing that ability is the best gift you can give yourself.

So whether you're suffering through the third hour of a marathon or just having a hard time gathering enough momentum to get out the door, consider yourself lucky. It'd be a shame to waste your gift.

I am fortunate to be blessed with a healthy body and I have an obligation to myself and others to use it wisely and often.

Think about that for a sec. What is the impact on others when you are healthy, moving well and moving often?

What's the impact on your family or kids?

What's the impact on your community?

What's the impact of you being healthy and active on the rest of the world?

Yeah, it actually matters. You being healthy and fit matters. To a lot of people.

Now get out there and rock your next workout - every sweaty minute of it!