Do You Have A Flat Tire?

As I mentioned last week, I had the privilege of speaking to group of inspiring women who are nearing the end of their journey through Precision Nutrition's Lean Eating program. The program, although set up as a competition, aims to gradually and methodically transform one's lifestyle into one that supports good health, performance and body composition. This is no “diet plan”, trust me. It's WAY better than that.

These participants have been training all year and have achieved some incredible results, but my goal was to give them an opportunity to reach the next level. Understanding how you need a large base of mobility and stability to SUPPORT all of that necessary training was likely a new concept for these folks. It is for most people.

In today's instant gratification society, we want results NOW. We want a hard workout, perhaps someone to shout at us and get us fit. There is typically next to zero appreciation for actually taking the time to learn to move properly. Nah, we'd rather jump right into a Zumba class (did I just admit that?) and throw fitness smack on top of our dysfunctional movement patterns.

Thanks to a culture that promotes SITTING as a way of life we're acquiring dysfunction everyday. Sure, you can get fit. But, at some point you'll call me complaining about your knee or back problem while blaming your genetics!

People who score below a certain point on a movement screen are at a much greater risk for non-contact injuries. It's just a matter of time. The audience at the gathering had done a kick ass job of training, but to reach the next level of strength, leanness, endurance, performance, etc. they need to know what's holding them back the most.

The day following my talk I guided 13 individuals through a Functional Movement Screen. I found the results fascinating. Out of 13 people, 10 had the same weak link: an inability to perform the Trunk Stability Push-Up.

In other words, when I instructed them to perform a push-up from the floor, instead of pushing off the ground as a single unit, their upper body lifted and their hips sagged behind. This means that natural reflexive core stabilization has been lost. When your hands sense all that bodyweight pressure as you start to push off, a reflex should kick in and cause your core to tighten appropriately before lift-off can occur.

The consequence of losing this particular pattern is that you become inefficient and waste energy. It's like driving around with a flat tire! And if you have no idea this is going on you'll just keep training, not fully realizing your potential.

Think about it. You could be burning more calories during each workout. You could be running with less effort. If you play golf or tennis, your game may very well improve. I won't go so far as to guarantee a better sex life, but feel free to write a testimonial for me if it improves. :-)

Wanna find out if YOU have a flat tire? Wanna know where it is ...and how to fix it? Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement regarding a special movement screening offer!

PS: To gauge interest, please send me a quick note with the words “FMS Interested” in the subject line.