Random Thoughts and Stuff

This week I have a “random thoughts” type of post for you. Enjoy!  


First, I want to congratulate my clients Sarah Meaney and Nate Allison on a great race at the Nation's Triathlon in Washington D.C. over the weekend. Nate's gone from being unable to run without knee pain (March/April) to running 7:12 pace (June) and now to 6:43 pace for 10K at the end of a triathlon. Amazing!  Sarah literally traveled all over the world for business in the previous 8 weeks and training was definitely NOT easy, but she pulled it off.  Way to go, Sarah!


For a Good Read

Second, I have come across a few articles recently that I'd like to share with you.

Like Barefoot, Only Better? - This article looks at Vibram Five Finger shoes and how to incorporate them into your training program.

Is Dairy Healthy? - Great 3 part article on milk (2 parts are posted as of now). I can guarantee you'll learn something. There's a big difference in milk that comes from grass-fed cows and corn-fed cows. Hell, you might even start drinking full-fat milk instead of skim after reading this!

How To Deadlift – The best strength training movement for runners is the deadlift. Either schedule a session with me or check out this in-depth article. If you're serious about improving your speed (and endurance) you need a good foundation of strength. You need this exercise.


Personal Update

I've been training hard and racing well recently ...which is why I'm taking a short break from running for a few weeks. I guess there are really two reasons.

Number one, I have been experiencing a bit of tendinosis (tissue breakdown) in my left achilles' tendon. It's been very low-level for a few months, but before it actually turns into something serious I'm going to address the problem by strengthening the affected area.

And two, it's simply time for a break. After training seriously for many months in a row, it's time to allow my body to rest, recover and absorb all of that hard work. I'm looking forward to coming back stronger than ever! Just trying to “walk the walk” here - and it's not easy! I don't want to be that guy who gets injured because he gets greedy.

Time after time we see runners who are in the best shape of their life get hurt. Why? Training hard and racing is stressful to the body. To reach even higher levels of fitness you have to push yourself more. Eventually something has to give. The smart play is to take a small step back after achieving a new level of fitness, then build to another higher peak.


Lastly, I wanna give you a heads up on some local races that are gonna rock.

Saturday 9/17 – 5K in South Philly - http://ugosouth.eventbrite.com/

My friend Karyntha Cadogan is leading this great, great local organization that brings fitness to the community. uGo girl!!


Sunday 9/18 – Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

Who wouldn't run 13.1 miles just to have the chance to see Bret Michaels in concert afterwards?


Sunday 9/25 – 5K to benefit Children's Hospital.

A fast course followed by breakfast provided by the Four Seasons, what's not to like?


Sunday 10/15 – Old School Trail Run 5 mile run or 1 mile walk

Definitely attending this one- I LOVE the Wissahickon trail network in Fairmount Park!


Sunday 10/23 – Running For Answers 5K

Organized in part by friend and client Sera Snyder, this fast approaching race is the target of my current free training plan. How is your training going?