Client Testimonial

Zach Guren, client since August 2010

I was referred to John in August 2010 by another trainer. He responded promptly to my inquiry and met me at my apartment for a free consultation to discuss my goals and the services he had to offer.

When I met John, I had just completed graduate school and had recently gotten engaged. I was starting a new job and needed to get into a workout routine that fit my schedule and met my goals. At first, I simply wanted to get in better shape before my wedding, but when I learned that John was also a running coach, I asked him to help me train for the Philadelphia Half Marathon. My fiancee had asked me to run it with her, but I did not originally think I could overcome a nagging knee injury.

My schedule was the only potential obstacle for me. John was, and has been, extremely flexible with his schedule, so I have not had any problems meeting with him twice a week.

Right away I was impressed with John’s knowledge and enthusiasm. He knows so much about physiology, kinesiology, and nutrition that I have not yet had a question that he couldn’t answer on the spot. John’s excitement and confidence about his training is inspirational and makes it much easier and more enjoyable to stick to my routine and keep on track to reach my goals.

Before I started working out with John, I would occasionally have pain in my right IT band when I ran, but now the knee pain is gone.   My body composition has improved significantly; I’ve lost fat, gained muscle, and I can see the results in the mirror.

John gave me exercises to stabilize my knee, and he helped me adjust my running stride so I wouldn’t have any future injuries. In November 2010, only three months after I started training with John, I completed the Philadelphia Half Marathon without any pain in my knee. Thanks, John!

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