Client Testimonial

Sarah Meaney, client since October 2010

I met John through the Lululemon group runs. Each week, he would talk about a different “tip or trick” and at the end would lead us through a series of core exercises. I distinctly remember John making comments like, “So I have many of my clients doing x, and if you want to take it to the next level you can try y or z” and thinking to myself…’yikes, people pay for this torture?!’ – but deep down inside I knew that ‘torture’ was exactly what I needed.

I decided I was going to run the Paris marathon and, knowing I faced knee problems in the past, I had to get serious about my cross training. To be honest, aside from the cardio equipment, I was intimidated by the gym and really wasn’t sure where to start or what to do. I’d been paying for a gym membership for over a year and only used it a handful of times. Ultimately, I wanted to train smart and get results.

I was a bit hesitant about the cost of hiring a personal trainer, but I had just spent a year’s worth of monthly gym fees and scarcely used it. I decided that if I were going to continue paying for the gym, I needed to get my money’s worth. The first time I sat down with John to talk about training together I was instantly set at ease – we worked out a plan that fit my budget.

I was immediately impressed – we started with an overall evaluation of my strengths. John was instantly able to pinpoint some of the areas I needed to work on in order to stay healthy during my training. Outside of running, I also wanted to build arm muscle (something I’ve never had!) and tone down overall. John instantly hashed out a plan for strength and nutrition and sent me to work.

Right from the start, I was challenged but comfortable. Everything that John taught me to do, I could take and do it on my own in the gym .

I’ve gained a lot of confidence in the gym. I have an arsenal of strength training exercises I can mix-up, so I am never bored. More importantly, I understand how to ‘train smart’. In the past few months, I’ve dropped 3% body fat which on my frame is great progress. I’m really proud and I know I’m stronger!

Before working with John, I couldn’t do a single “real” push-up. Now I can bang out multiple sets in perfect form! It was really amazing to see the progression of exercises we did to get me to this point. I never would’ve had the patience before, but with John’s guidance I was really able to see how I became stronger each week.

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