Client Testimonial

Leslie Mellet, client since January 2011

I was referred to John by two of his clients, Tara and Ray, back in January. At the time, running off the bike was very hard for me – my hamstrings felt like they were on a rack. Additionally, my pace was slow! I was concerned about the money and schedule (I’m an early riser), but John was accommodating and able to work within my budget.

My first impression was that I thought we should move faster (I am very impatient!) but people spoke highly of his process so I stuck with it. So, to summarize, it used to be painful to run and I got injured easily. Now I can run pain-free and faster. My hamstring problems are gone. Also, my run pace off the bike improved by 61 seconds PER MILE from 9:30/mile to 8:29/mile in a recent triathlon!


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