Client Testimonial

Kris Steen, client since April 2001

I met John in April of 2001 and was looking for a trainer to show me everything from how to use the equipment to how to get in shape without killing myself.  In 2004 after having abdominal surgery I was so glad to have John as my trainer.  I was out of commission for 3 months and had not only lost my fitness but had lost my core strength, I couldn’t even do normal everyday motions let alone workout.

I was nervous about working with a male trainer, I thought he would not understand how to build a plan for my body type, and I was a little self conscious.  But John was great and made me feel very comfortable.  He really took the time to get to know me, my struggles, my goals, and what I enjoyed so he could develop a plan that was fun and interesting for me to stick with.  The time goes by quickly, he is funny and really makes me look forward to going to my training session.  Clearly, he made a good impression because here I am 10 years later still trusting John with all of my training.

Over 10 years ago John was the person who taught me how to develop and stick to a training program. Then he was able to rebuild my strength after my surgery and even take it a step further.  But I think the greatest accomplishment that I have achieved thanks to John happened this past September when I ran my first half marathon! Keep in mind that the only race I had ever run before was a 5K and I wasn’t very fast.  He also helped me prepare mentally for the race, which I didn’t at the time I didn’t realize was important but now I know just how critical it is.  I never thought I could run 13.1 miles but John developed the best plan (in just three months) that prepared me without any injuries and allowed me to run the entire race and finish strong!  And the best part was that John was there for me at the end of the race.  With about 200 meters to go I heard him yelling through the crowds (and I had my iPod on) and then I looked over and he was running along the side of the course cheering me all the way.  I bet he stood at that finish line all morning running each of his clients in to the end.  For him to have that level of commitment to his clients is incredible. And that was after he himself ran the race!

I RUN thanks to John!  Honestly, when John first started coaching me on my running, I was only running about 8 miles a week, and that was spread out over 3-4 runs, so I wasn’t running very far or very long.  I also didn’t have the right running form therefore I was wasting a lot of energy, getting shin splints, and not enjoying it.   First, he assessed my form and worked on getting me focused on how to run properly. Then with a short timeframe (I decided to run a half marathon in 3 months) he created a detailed training program that allowed me increase my distance and my stamina.  Now I run, on average, 25 miles a week including one long run of 10 miles.  I actually enjoy going out for a long run and don’t think of it as exercise or a chore. I have been signing up for races which I never thought I would do.

The other really valuable thing I learned from John is about nutrition.  He gave me a full education on eating properly and balanced, including when to eat.  Making the adjustment to my diet gave me more energy which I noticed in my running too.

I really can’t say enough good things about John; his knowledge, his personality, and his dedication to his clients is amazing.  I have referred to people to John without hesitation. My husband is a life long runner so I could have easily gotten a training program for free and just asked him for advice, but I hired John as my coach!

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