Client Testimonial

Cathy Murphy, client since January 2006

I was referred to John Goldthorp by another trainer I had work with on a temporary basis and I was facing ongoing job stress, as I am in an executive-level position in a busy litigation office. I also had received a ‘surprise’ diagnosis of significant osteoporosis, despite having been a regular runner for about 10 years.

Initially, I started seeing John on a once a week basis despite the two biggest obstacles in everyone’s life:  time and money.  However, it became obvious to me that strength training was an area that was worth devoting another day to, and it also became apparent that John was an excellent trainer and motivator.

My first impressions were: very professional, very focused on the specific needs and goals of the client. Not intimidating, and not interested in pressuring a client, but that does not mean he does not require (appropriately) the client to set some goals and to be mindful about the choices they are making.  I was also impressed by the fact that John is a continuous learner, that he maintains very close watch on information and studies by the scientific/medical community on the full range of health-related issues. Also, although he personally identifies with the running community, he does not limit his fitness/nutrition learning to that narrow range of interest.  Lastly, I am grateful to have a trainer who is not like the screamers you see on TV.

I have gained overall fitness in terms of strength and mobility. My bone loss issues have improved, and although I did take meds for part of this time, my doctor also credits the strength training. I have good cardiovascular fitness:  my cholesterol numbers are among the best my doctor has seen, according to her.  Last year I improved in the length of running I was able to accomplish (up to 8 miles), and I now feel fit enough to go out and do a 5K whenever I feel like it, just for the fun of it or to support a particular cause.  I also enjoy my annual ski trip much more now that I have better strength and mobility. My appearance has improved (i’ve lost 5-7 lbs. overall), and my clothes fit better. (John has also provided ongoing nutrition advice that has changed the way I eat in small but important ways). My posture has improved dramatically. I feel stronger in doing everyday activities, and am able to (safely) do things like help my kids move out of their apartments. I don’t hesitate to do whatever activities I want to do.

I am approaching my next decade with greater confidence that the years between 60-70 will also be very active for me, that I’ll be able to enjoy the same kinds of physical activities that I do now.

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