Client Testimonial

Linda Hallinan, client since January 2010

John came highly recommended by the educators at Lululemon, Walnut Street Philadelphia. I was going through a transition – trying to find strength.  I’ve always aspired to be a runner, but struggled with stamina and he made me believe! Our first sessions were challenging but not intimidating.  I felt encouraged, not pushed. He honored my labored breathing by alternating walking/running until he knew my body was ready.  More than anything, he was enthusiastic.  It is incredibly apparent that he adores what he does and is truly invested in my success as a runner.

So where am I now?  I have stamina and endurance.  I have legs! I love wearing shorts now (When is summer?!) I am a runner.  Running makes me happy and feels amazing.  It’s the one thing that can make an awful day amazing. It’s now part of my “prescription” for a healthy, happy life.

7/10/10 Avalon Five Miler 49:19 Pancake Flat
10/31/10 Radnor Run, 5 mile 45:29 Huge Hills!

Besides the above results, I am a happier, more confident person now.  To be incredibly honest, running has helped me to combat depression.  I now know how getting out the door will transform my day, my body and my life.

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