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Case Study: Fix The Cause, Not The Symptom

I recently worked with someone who is training for the Boston Marathon, but was sidelined due to knee pain. We met for 2 (TWO) sessions and she’s back to full-on training! Continue reading

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5 Common Workout Mistakes That Make Philly Fitness Trainers Cringe

Nothing kills an exercise high quite like injury — especially when it’s an injury you could have prevented. Here, at Be Well, we want you all to be as healthy as can be. So, to learn about common workout mistakes that can cause injury (and how to avoid that mess), we went to the professionals, asking Philly fitness trainers and running coaches what the top injury-inducing mistakes they see their clients making are. Because no one wants to be benched after just getting into the groove. Follow this wisdom and you’ll be movin’ and groovin’ through your workouts — safely. Continue reading

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Why You Should Sprint and 3 Great Cues for Sprinting Better

Want a faster ‘easy run’ pace? Marathon pace? 5K pace? Science and practical experience tells us that by increasing your maximal sprint speed ALL other speeds become faster, too. Due to your ability to recruit more muscle fibers and generate more stiffness at impact, running starts to cost less energy, so you become more efficient. So, if you’ve been doing some speedwork and feel ready to level up, here are three great sprinting cues you can use today!
Continue reading

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Case Study: Mysterious Hip Pain

Today I had an amazing professional experience. A client, who back in September suffered a hip injury, is now able to run again after a single session. Here’s what happened… Continue reading

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The Most Common Injury That Haunts You To This Day

Just like lots of other injuries, surgeries, impacts, traumas, and sometimes just garden variety dings that we sustain over the years, an ankle sprain leaves an imprint on the brain. And it is likely you’re still paying a price today. Continue reading

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My Life is Busy and Hectic. Should I Train For A Marathon?

Full disclosure: I have NEVER been asked this. It’s probably because people know the answer and don’t want to hear it. But where do you draw the line? Continue reading

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