About Me

As a Fitness Professional in Center City, Philadelphia, I have been changing lives for over fourteen years. I take my clients’ results very seriously and I am passionate about continuously learning and applying the latest research to my practice.

Here Are Some of the Reasons My Clients Seek My Help:

  • They are frustrated and can’t seem to make any further progress on their own.
  • They’ve tried books and magazine programs and have gotten hurt.
  • They’re scared of getting injured… again. And they’d like to figure out WHY they’re always getting hurt.
  • Qualifying for, and racing, the Boston Marathon is one of the most rewarding feelings in running.
  • They need a positive and motivating coach that will bring the enjoyment back to running.
  • And, of course, being able to simply RUN at all after being out of shape feels INCREDIBLE!

So Who Am I? How Am I Qualified to Help Fix Your Run?

A bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Penn State University (’00) formed the foundation of my movement education and my passion for learning about movement continues today.  As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer I work with clients of all ages and diverse backgrounds. I’ve been certified by the Road Runners Club of America in order to help new and experienced runners achieve their own bragging rights by developing safe, yet effective training programs.

More recently, I’ve become interested in a new, state of the art approach to training involving movement, rather than isolated muscles or joints. If I get my client to move better – at the fundamental level – they will run better as a result. I utilize screening and assessment tools such as the Functional Movement Screen and Neurokinetic Therapy® to help identify your weakest link and we go from there. My clients notice an IMMEDIATE improvement in movement ability when we implement the correct drills!

Now in my 15th year of service, I’m more excited than ever about helping aspiring runners overcome their personal road blocks and achieving sustainability and prosperity as healthy, strong runners.

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